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America's Cup Team New Zealand

The 34th America’s Cup has come to an end after an exhilarating end in the San Francisco Bay.  Oracle Team USA, defending champs where being challenged by the small country island of New Zealand. This prestigious race is a testament to the skills and abilities of the captain and crew, boat and sail design, but also favorable conditions for their particular design.

This race represents the oldest international sporting trophy and is held between the champion and a single challenger, in this case Team New Zealand.  The race had many memorable moments including one point where the Kiwis almost flipped their sailboat, which would have ended the race as they didn’t have a spare one, and in the last moment were able to save the race by keeping their vessel upright.

Oracle Team USA was trailing by 8-1 and was extremely close to losing the cup to the challenger. After several weather delays, technical issues and harrowing moments along the way, Oracle’s Team USA pulled off an unlikely and spectacular win in front of a large home crowd! New Zealand had a fantastic run and hats off to all those participants for one of the most exciting cup challenges in recent memory.

America's Cup Oracle Team USA

New Zealand has a history and culture steeped in racing beginning from the days when the Maori arrived from Polynesia. Auckland, also known as the City of Sails, got it’s name from the popularity of sailing in the area.  It has hosted two previous America’s Cup challenges.America's Cup Sailing Experience

One exciting tour we are proud to offer is to participate as crew on an actual America’s Cup yacht that was used in training a previous NZ crew. This is an exciting tour for those who are interested in New Zealand’s sailing culture.

Another option for those who are looking for day trips or even multi-day sailing cruises that are more leisurely, relaxed and gourmet, we have many options in a part of the world that will leave you memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Please contact one of our consultants to help you become your own captain in New Zealand

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