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Anyone can book a trip to Australia, right? All you need is an internet connection and Trip Advisor and with the click of a few buttons, you can have an entire trip booked in a few minutes.

However, what you get when you arrive can be a different story. Knowing who the best operators in area are or the most reputable guides who are repeatedly offering unique and extraordinary experiences is what a specialist does. We want to get you off the beaten path to new and wonderful adventures. These experiences don’t have to be in the most remote regions, sometime they can be in hugely popular areas. That’s why this week we want to highlight a great tour operator and one of many specialist guides who make our clients feel special.

Two Feet and a Heartbeat is a multi-award winning walking tour company. They have been proudly operating in both Sydney and Perth. Two Feet and a Heartbeat strives to pique the interest of visitors by introducing them to the sights, sounds and tales of the city’s interesting history, culture and heritage in a fun, relaxed and informative way.

Two Feet & a Hearteat

The tour guides are proud locals who enjoy nothing more than showcasing the wonderful cities that they call home and allowing the guest to see them in a completely different light.

Sydney is known all around the world as the birthplace of Modern Australia, convicts, iconic buildings such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. However it is the stories of the people, times and decision made that have made it into the thriving cosmopolitan world city that it is now. On a Two Feet tour, a friendly Sydney-sider will guide you through their home town and uncover the fantastic and fascinating tales that make the city so different from anywhere else.

Perth is one of those places that’s a bit of a mystery. Most people know that it’s a very isolated place on the west coast of Australia, but outside of that there is very little understating of its story. Two Feet tours will help you to understand Perth by discovering the people, events and decisions made that ultimately shaped it into the evolving city that it is today.


All tour material is fully researched to ensure the stories and information presented is based on historically accurate and referenced sources. The indigenous content of the tours has been endorsed for accuracy and cultural sensitivity by officers from the Department of Culture and the Arts, as well as respected elders

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