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Haggerstone Waterfall Hangout

It’s official, 2016 Australia has been labelled as the “Destination of the Year” by Conde Nast. And why not? As an outside traveler your money, whether it’s US dollars, British Pounds or even Brazilian Reals, is taking you further than it has in many recent years. The rate of exchange has been fantastic for international travelers.

Australia has been one of the loves of my life luring me with her exotic sights, subtle nuances of an easy living lifestyle that permeate the culture DownUnder and novelty of wildlife that you will not find in the wild anywhere else on this planet!

Australia’s cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane are world class that act as launching points to more remote areas and headfirst into great adventures. We wish we could send everyone there for free to experience the beauty for themselves. The next best thing we can do is plan the most amazing journey giving you access to specialist guides who seem like they could be straight out of the movie Crocodile Dundee, multi-day walking tracks that are only available by boat, vistas that seem like they have been created by some of the best artists and so much more.

Give us a chance to arrange a luxury holiday that will leave feeling refreshed, de-stressed and rekindle that spark to learn about different people and cultures and bring back the essence of what a holiday is about – fun, adventure and rejuvenation.

Many thanks and wishing all of you the very best for 2016,


Haggerstone Fun