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Tak Rotorua Maori

Today I want to feature an excellent guide in this blog post as he was a unique individual I spent some time with on my day of adventure touring in Rotorua. Tak is Maori and has been living all his life in Rotorua. This is part of the reason why he is exceptional, the other part comes from his keen sense of adventure and big dreams.

Tak has been busy actively marketing and growing the now well known luxury adventure of Rotorua, to which is known to most tourists for it’s hot springs and geysers. Tak has become a dedicated outdoor enthusiast, beginning his adventure career studying adventure tourism in New Zealand. His love for wild New Zealand, and his keen enthusiasm for mountain biking and all things adventure is combined with his commitment to showing clients the best possible time in a safe and relaxed environment.

I can personally vouch for Tak, his personality, his attention to detail and overall passion for bringing different aspects of Rotorua to life in a thrilling way.

We use specialized guides throughout Australia and New Zealand, those who are recognized as the best in their business with many years of experience and consistently great feedback. This is one of the many values the DownUnder Adventure Company adds.

Contact one of our travel consultants today to see how we can best match you with some of the best guides to transform your trip from a nice holiday to a phenomenal adventure.

Happy Holidays, Ian