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A few people emailed me to mention that New Zealand is also know for its fishing and that we should let people know about it. Duly noted…

New Zealand has world class fishing in both the open seas as well as in lakes and rivers.

In the freshwater you are likely to find Rainbow and Brown trout and some salmon from mid-North Island to the bottom of the South Island. These are some beautiful fish some of which hold world record trophies.

For those looking for an authentic experience, your best bet is back-country fishing. These are the kind of areas that are mostly inaccessible by car, and your best bet is to arrive in a helicopter. For this type of fishing any time of year is good.  In fact, New Zealand is one of the premier destinations in the world for trout fishermen.

If the allure of the open seas is more of an allure for you, then you won’t be disappointed. A good rule of thumb for fishing is that the warmer water is best.  So if this is your preferred type of fishing, you want to focus on the North Island in the summer to late summer months (January to April). You will also find world records held here such as Striped marlin, Yellowtail kingfish, and world record Hapuka (local grouper).  Other fish you can find are marlin, makos, Yellowfin tuna and more.

There is also good fishing around White Island by Rotorua as those waters are heated by an active volcano. For some more extreme weather-wise fishing, you can find Bluefin tuna off the West Coast of the South Island.

If you prefer being in the water there are opportunities for snorkeling/diving for abaolne, lobster, scallops and more. For a more cultural experience you may with to do some eel trapping and smoking with the Maori.

Whatever your fancy we can make your trip DownUnder a true adventure in every sense of the word.

Happy days,