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What’s more romantic than spending a time with a loved one at the “perfect spot”? Of course we all have our little spots that we remember for different reasons, but I want to introduce you to some new ones to add to the list that your friends have probably never heard of that will be truly magical.

Australia ~ Wolgan Valley

The perfect place for a romantic getaway!

For Australia there is no better place to spend a romantic holiday than Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa located a three hour drive from Sydney. Tucked away amidst the splendor of the Blue Mountains, this luxury resort offers a unique getaway with plenty of things to see and do. This conservation

All the suites have a large living space, spectacular views of the native bushland, but most importantly an indoor and temperature controlled swimming pool with pool deck and wrap around!

Of course you will have all the amenities you can think of such as fine linen bedding, luxurious en suite bathroom with “his and hers” vanity area and more. You will also want to make sure to visit the Timeless Spa with six double treatment area, private bathrooms and changing areas with their own Japanese-style soaking tub and stone fireplace to keep you warm if you are visiting during the winter months.

After you have enjoyed your room and service you may wish to head out and experience this beautiful area through various activities like horseback riding, nature walks with on the many walking trails, mountain biking or food and wine tours, fly-fishing and more.

Luxury, seclusion in a wilderness setting make this a perfect three to four day getaway to recharge the batteries and the soul.

Luxury in a relaxed setting


New Zealand ~ Bay of Many Coves

Aerial views of the Bay of Many Coves and the Queen Charlotte Sound

The Bay of Many Coves is a New Zealand property tucked away in the Marlborough Sound at the top of the South Island. You can only access this place by boat (or plane) so forget about a commercial destination with tons of tourists tripping over each other jostling for position to a picture of some of the beautiful sights.

The splendor of the Marlborough Sounds at the doorstep, bush-clad hills reaching down to the sea and not a road in sight, this is a perfect getaway! Imagine flying half way around the world only to have to reach your destination by boat, and on arrival being greeted by a bottle sparkling wine, a box of Marlborough chocolates and a private balcony to take in the views.

Your meals will consist of fresh regional produce, world-class Marlborough wines and only the freshest seafood. Some examples of dishes served include Caramelized Goats Cheese with Asparagus, Vanilla and Strawberries; Slow-cooked Koromiko Egg with mushrooms, Pinot Noir and Almond; or chocolate fondue with bananas, caramel and cashews.

If you want to stretch your legs take a walk in the surrounding lush native forests with cascading waterfalls, sounds of birds and fresh air. When splashing around the water it is not unusual to be visited by dolphins, orcas and seals who make this area their home. Feel free to kayak around the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sound or hike along the renowned Queen Charlotte track. You can also do some wine touring if you prefer enjoy a drop of the local wines being produced.

How you fill your day between waking up the sounds of tuis and bellbirds and ending your day with a soak in the hot tub under the stars is entirely up to you.

Gourmet meals and gorgeous scenery!

Happy Valentine’s Day!