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Holistic Journeys to Australia

Australia is widely known for such iconic sites such as the Opera House, Ayers Rock or theGreat Barrier Reef. These are all marvelous things to see in Australia, but there is so much more on offer than your typical “tourist” realizes.

In fact,Australiais a very eco-conscious country with a strong focus on the holistic. Some beautiful properties inAustraliaoffer amazing spots for yoga retreats. In this blog I would like to focus on a few of those.

Kangaroo Island – South Australia

KangarooIslandis a small island off the coast ofSouth Australiaand is known for its abundant wildlife. Over the half the island is comprised of original and native vegetation and provides ample habitat for a variety of animals including kangaroo, Southern brown bandicoot, Tamar wallaby, Rosenberg’s sand goanna, echidna, New Zealand fur seal as well koala and emu. Most of the food consumed is produced locally on the island.

 Southern Ocean Lodge

Southern Ocean Lodge isKangarooIsland’s first and newest luxury lodge, is set back from a cliff above the pounding surf the lodge’s design showcases a full frontal panorama and is within easy reach of theIsland’s major attractions. Each of the twenty-one luxurious suites features lavish king sleeping areas, sunken lounge, dramatic glass walled bathroom and outdoor terrace with occasional seating and daybed.


 Two-Night Yoga Retreat

Skye Lifestyle has partnered up with Southern Ocean Lodge to present a weekend of wellness tailored to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Skye LifeStyle’s principal instructor Skye Baird completed her Yoga Alliance Accreditation inCaliforniaand has trained in the latest Hatha Yoga techniques.

The two night program aims to offer participants a range of benefits including a calmer mind; healthier sleeping patterns; release of tension; increased flexibility and boosted energy to enjoy the natural wonders of Australia’s own Galapagos, Kangaroo Island.  Your retreat investment includes six mixed yoga and meditation classes with Skye and two nights’ luxury accommodation including all dining, feel at home open bar, in-suite bar, guided signature experiences and island airport transfers.

This is a perfect element to add to any Australian vacation. If you are looking to combine this mini-retreat with another like-minded place in Australia you may want to consider adding some time at Byron at Byron Resort and Spa.


 Byron Bay – New South Wales

Bordered on one side by beautiful coastline and the other by magnificent rainforests,ByronBayis ideally positioned as a center for relaxation and activity. Situated at the easternmost point inAustralia, this stylish coastal village enjoys a subtropical climate with clean air, crystal clear water and pristine beaches. This is the perfect place to escape from all your worries and rejuvenate in beautiful location.


 Byron at Byron

Byron at Byron offers open and trendy chic accommodations that are warm and inviting. The design of the resort blends naturally with the surrounding rainforest. Be sure to visit spa and wellness center if you visit. Byron at Byron Resort and Spa offers a complimentary daily yoga class to in house guests and is a perfect addition to the yoga retreat.

 Endless combinations…

There are an endless amount of these like-minded accommodations and experiences that give you a glimpse into a beautiful country without the throngs of people.

Please speak with one of our consultants if you would like to design a rejuvenating trip to Australia. Even if you can’t make the above retreat

Relaxing travels…