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Hi there,

I am officially back in the US after many days of a whirlwind tour. I’m just seeing now that a few of my last posts never uploaded when I was in New Zealand. I’ll get those up for you to check out, but in fact there was way too much to write about in a few blog posts anyway.
I plan on keeping this up and keep posting about the trip, places I saw, people I met, etc. This was a fantastic trip where I saw much more than I could have hoped for and have a much better feel for these areas than before. I will also try posting tips that I gained from my trip like the easiest way to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit. To do this double the number and add 30. So 18 degrees Celsius is 66 degrees Fahrenheit.
As I didn’t sleep in the same place for more than a night (except at Arkaba Station), I saw a lot of great accommodations that I will review and include some pictures.
The biggest lesson I learned of all on this trip is that in most places where people spend one or two nights, it’s worth it to spend at three nights there. Most people want to pack in as much into a single trip as possible. This is fine if that’s your style of travel, but some of these areas have so much to offer that it’s almost a disservice to your trip if you don’t actually get to relax and enjoy these spectacular spots.
Best regards and cheers!