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Melbourne is a world class city up there with the likes ofCape Town,New York,Parisand other amazing destinations. A lot of the people I speak with on the phone say they are not city people and want to get out to see nature. This is understandable as they are going on vacation to get away from the computer, away from schedules other than those set by the rhythms of the natural world. However, there is much to be said about a city as destination more than just a place to have a layover.

This is even exemplified by Anthony Bourdain’s newest show on the travel channel, The Layover, that show different cities around the world and what you or where you can eat during a layover.

Melbourne is a city that doesn’t get as much attention asSydney, because it does not have the iconic Sydney Opera House or Harbour Brigde, but once you get past this (which can both be done on a short half day tour) there is so much more to be seen.

I am going to start a short mini-series on Melbourne as a travel destination in its own right. Instead of having one very long, albeit interesting, blog on Melbourne, I want to break it up into different topics as whyMelbourneis such a great destination that deserves a visit on any Australian trip.

Stay tuned as we look into the wonderful intricacies of this fabulous city that is consistently winning the World’s Most Liveable City list.

PS – I cannot claim to be completely unbiased as I used to live in Melbourne,Australiafor several years and one of the best cities I’ve ever lived in.

Happy Travels,