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Kangaroos are funny animals. I remember my first time out into the Australian bush after having lived in Melbourne for a few weeks already and how excited I was at the prospect of spotting my first kangaroo in the wild. There are few other animals that look like these beautiful marsupials. They are uniquely Australian and are one of the two animals featured on the Australian emblem (the other is the emu).

A study was recently done to capture images of kangaroos in motion to see what the secret of their bounce is. So what’s the secret you ask. What’s the reason these large animals can move at such quick speeds without breaking bones, well, it’s all about posture. I guess my mom was right!

So next time you are on Jeopardy and Alex Trebek tries stumping you with this trivial pursuit, you now know the question to the answer.

Click HERE to read more on the article that was originally posted on CNN.

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