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Haigh’s chocolates…definitely one of the fondest memories I have of Australia. I worked there and ate there. And smelled there. I never tired of the glorious scent of Haigh’s chocolates. Even though it has been several years, I am still hard-pressed to find a comparable chocolate. My favorites were the milk peppermint frog (a signature item), and the unparalleled whiskey truffles.

The company opened its doors in 1915, and is the oldest family-owned chocolate business in Australia. Alfred Haigh started the company in Adelaide after training in Switzerland with Lindt and Sprungli, and they now have six stores in South Australia, six in Victoria, and the newest one in Syndey.

I’ll say it again. I have tasted many chocolates, and there is no chocolate that tastes as good as Haigh’s. Their chocolates are creamy, buttery, silky, and always fresh. They use local ingredients that no other manufacturer uses, such as quandong (tastes like plum), wattle seed, lemon myrtle, and shiraz. They make chocolate bilbies for Easter instead of bunnies! No matter how hard I try I have never been able to find my wife’s favorite in the States, violet creams. And does anyone know where I can find honeycomb in chocolate? I still dream about those truffles.

What an education…I learned that white chocolate is decidedly NOT chocolate. It is simply a confection, because it contains no cocoa. I learned the laborious process of making chocolate. I learned that you can tell that chocolate is old when it turns white (blooming), and to never store it in the refrigerator – always in a cool, dark cabinet.

The only sad part is that they don’t ship overseas. I have asked many times. They don’t want to compromise the quality/freshness of the chocolate. They don’t want the chocolate to break or burst. I will keep asking. Please visit Haigh’s when you go to Australia, and don’t forget to bring me back a peppermint frog (they even make SUPER frogs, but I won’t be greedy)… and some violet creams for my wife.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

With warm regards, Ian