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As a travel specialist, my job is to deliver the best possible experience that your money can buy you. Whether that’s a $10,000 per person budget or a $100,000 per person budget. Sure there will be differences between a $10k and $100k trip, but to the traveler you will walk away with unique and amazing insights into an incredible part of the world.

That is my specialty, that is what I do. Other people have different strengths. In particular, some have the gift of writing in such ways that paint clear pictures in one’s mind and spark an interest in whatever the topic is. I guess, this is a long roundabout way to introduce a brilliantly written article on Uluru from Conde Nast Traveler’s David Prior.

Longitude 131

Please check it out when you have a few moments to spare…

A Journey to Uluru, Australia’s 700-Million Year Old Monument

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