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For a lot of us, researching about the places we are going to visit is half the fun.  That’s why this is such an important blog for you to read!

There is an Australian magazine that we subscribe to called Australian Gourmet Traveller. This beautiful publication explores traveling through gourmet food and is an excellent source of information.  However, not everyone may be as big an Australian travel-nut as we are at DUAC. So we occasionally mention topics in the magazine if they are relevant.

For example, the Australian Gourmet Traveller has an annual award in 16 different categories looking for the best of the best. This is an interesting contest for us because sometimes it is in line with our client trip reports, and other times hear about new and upcoming properties. The categories are as follows:

  1. Nespresso Best Large Luxury Hotel
  2. Best City Boutique Accommodations
  3. Best Resort/Lodge
  4. Best Wine Tourism
  5. Best Spa or Health Resort
  6. Best Outback Experience
  7. Best Cruise Line
  8. Best Expedition or Adventure Cruising
  9. Best River Cruising
  10. Best Airline Service
  11. Best Domestic Airport
  12. Best Tour Operator/Travel Company (feel free to nominate us for the 2014 awards!)
  13. Best Cultural Attraction
  14. Best Weekend Getaway
  15. Best Golf Resort
  16. Best Special Event

Some of you may have stayed at one or a few of the mentioned properties and other may never have visited any. In any case take a look at them and please vote for the ones you think are the best.

To vote click HERE.

Have fun and safe travels,