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We regularly receive feedback from clients who booked their trips with us telling us about their adventures. We wanted to share the highlights from one of our most recent ones with you.


Hello Ian.

Lord Howe Island/Capella Lodge:

Not sure what to say except that this is one of the most amazing places we have ever visited.  The island is gorgeous and serene.  Hiking is excellent here.  It was a bit cold for diving/snorkeling but we made do.  The coral reef and fish are very healthy here.  As you alluded, if unable to go to the Great Barrier Reef this is certainly the place to be.  Capella Lodge lived up to all expectations–excellent service, food, accommodations.


Kakadu & Arnhemland

Our guide knows the Northern Territory backward and forward.  He seems to have rather unprecedented access to the Aboriginal community here.  We enjoyed everything we did–jumping crocodile tour on Adelaide River, Yellow River Cruise, Arnhem Land, Maguk.  He took very good care of us.

Kudos to you for the relationship you must have with this guide.  I suspect he is by far the best.  Many places we went the locals made comments about him and really were rather in awe of him.  We saw plenty of crocodile, lots of birds, wallaby, wild horses and an ominous snake crossing the road.

Bamurru Plains

I could tell during the planning that you really love this place.  We really did, too.  I think we loved it because it felt like Africa with the twice daily tours with an afternoon siesta, serene environment, wildlife, etc.  This place is top notch.  Service excellent but not pretentious.  We enjoyed the air boat, safari drive and quad bikes.  The “tents” were very comfortable.  The food is AMAZING here, too.  Guides were good (both of the people we had were working their first season at Bamurru but were very well informed despite that).


To summarize:

Kudos to you for a really wonderful itinerary.  We enjoyed every single part of the trip and feel we were exposed to lots of different things.  I am not one that cares what anyone else thinks but we had more than 1 person ask who planned our itinerary and commented that, “You need to hang on to him.  He obviously has connections!”  (One of these individuals who complimented you claims to own Southern Crossings travel agency in New Zealand).

Thanks again!

–Julie G.