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Mt Cook – named Aoraki by the local Maori – is the highest peak in New Zealand and stands amongst several other major peaks in the Southern Alps. The area has been designated a National Park and borders the Westland National Park.

Mt. Cook Village is located in the Tasman Valley below the Tasman Glacier and provides a range of different types of accommodations. Scenic flights by fixed wing aircraft and snow landings by ski plane or helicopter are available from Mt Cook Airport and nearby Glentanner Park. Other activities such as boat trips on the glacier lakes, fishing and numerous walks and hikes for all ages and abilities are also available.

Imagine taking a helicopter tour flying over the mountain ranges only to find yourself landing 20 minutes later in the middle of this pristine wilderness area. From here your pilot points you in the right direction and tells you to talk in that direction for a few hours before getting back in the chopper and taking. After the helicopter disappears you are engulfed in the sounds of nature such as a river off in the distance and a small waterfalls a few hundred yards off. You start walking in the direction they pointed immersed in the forest glades, hiking along rushing rivers only to end up at a meeting point where your jet boat meets you and whisks you off on a thrilling adventure down river. This is just an example of the kind of memorable experiences we can help match you with.

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