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There are many reasons to visit a beautiful place like Australia. These elements can include nature, wild landscapes, gourmet cuisine, unforgettable experiences and so much more. So much…

However, one thing you can’t pinpoint on the map, and is totally possible to miss is having an authentic Aussie experience. Part of this experience is the people. Aussies are a relaxed bunch of people who are warm, friendly, typically gregarious and always up for a good laugh. The most memorable ones are the ones who know how to “spin a yarn” or tell a good tale.

However, if you only visit the trendiest places, or stay at chic hotels and lodges, it is quite possible you will miss out on a golden opportunity to meet some of the best people. That is why it is important to include some elements on any trip that gets you a bit off the tourist path and into unique locations where locals are ready to welcome you and show off their country.

Australia is expected to start welcoming international visitors again sometime mid-2021. We would love to introduce you to some spectacular areas and connect with you some Aussie’s who will regale you with tales around the “bush TV” (campfire) and a glass of Australia wine.

Contact us to assist you planning this adventure and we will be sure to include a unique Aussie experience.