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Greeting and salutations to you all.

To mix things up a little I decided to have a small contest for anyone who visits our site and reads the blog. Your chances of winning this contest will be considerably higher than winning the lottery.

Last year DownUnder Adventure Company sponsored the zoo’s Safari Nights in September to help publicize the arrival of a new koala (Abby) to mate with their resident koala (Oz). To date they have not done so yet, but I’m sure Oz appreciates the companionship in Abby, a good looking sheila.  We snapped a few pictures to send to one of our gracious/generous sponsors – Philip Island Nature Park Koala Conservation Centre, who have an important koala breeding program which is a vital part of their conservation efforts.

They are located on the Mornington Peninsula southeast of Melbourne and makes for a great day trip if you are ever in the area.

Below is a picture of me on a recent visit to the Palm Beach Zoo earlier this month. I am looking for someone to add a funny or witty comment. The winner will receive a DownUnder Adventure polo shirt (like the one I’m wearing in the picture). The rules are simple. Keep the comments clean and only send in one comment per user.

The contest ends August 15.

Thanks for participating and visiting our blog.