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When most people travel to Australia they want to see the “Big 3”, that is Sydney (Opera House), Ayers Rock (Uluru) and the Great Barrier Reef. What they also want is to have the best wildlife experience possible. There are many great areas in Australia to see wildlife, but some areas can be pretty remote, and very costly, to get to.

That is why we think that Kangaroo Island is the best value for your dollar (or pound, yen, shilling, peso, etc).  It seems that a few years ago not many people knew about this little island off the coast of South Australia, just south of Adelaide, but that is no longer the case. Now it seems that every travel magazine, blog, televised documentary relating to traveling to Australia has caught on.  Even after all this publicity and now unofficially being the next big destination in Australia, it still provides for such a great excursion to see some of Australia’s native wildlife in their natural habitats.

Over  half the island is comprised of original and native vegetation and provides ample habitat for a variety of animals including kangaroo, Southern brown bandicoot, Tamar wallaby, Rosenberg’s sand goanna, echidna, New Zealand fur seal as well koala and emu.  Touring can be done in a small group or with your own private guide in a 4WD vehicle.

Drive down endless red dirt roads, as your guide ‘spins yarns’ about shipwrecks, lighthouses and fridges being turned into mailboxes. At Sandy Bay watch adult sea lions snooze only meters away while pups play in the surf. Walk through a Red gum forest at Cygnet River, smell the Eucalyptus and seek out koalas sleeping in the forks of trees or visit D’Estrees Bay where ospreys nest and kangaroos come out to graze.

The level of accommodations provide a range for any budget, but if you do feel like splurging a bit, this is one of those place where you get the best value for your money as there aren’t the same numbers of people as you would find on the Barrier Reef or at Uluru.

If you’ve never heard of it, stay tuned and you will start to notice it being mentioned more. If you are looking for the next “Kangaroo Island”  I also know where to head to find it, but am keeping that off the blogs for a while so as to keep it under the radar. However, I would be delighted mentioning it when we plan your trip.

Happy New Years!