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Hi folks,

I’m sorry about the delay in getting you the next update. It turns out that the Outback is pretty remote and there isn’t a lot of internet service out here… go figure!

Since I last updated I have flown half way around the world, lost a day, visited a few different properties, done some touring and seen LOTS of kangaroos.

I am writing this update from a beautiful wooden desk in my room at the lovely Arkaba Station. This is a beautiful home located in the Flinders Ranges about 5.5 hours north of Adelaide. Fro here you can enjoy a completely remote experience situated in this geographically-fascinating area.

One of the great things about the Flinders Ranges is that this area is home to TONS of wildlife. You start seeing kangaroos before you even get on the 60,000 acre property, and once you head out with your guide, you start seeing them every few minutes. Out here I am seeing wallabies, Red kangaroos, Western grays, Euros, and other types I’m forgetting. My point is that if that’s your sort of thing, then this place is a home run.

The landscape is very dry with lots of rocky formations and low lying mountain ranges that have formed through volcanic activity. However, no need to worry as that was millions of years ago, literally!

The kangaroos are bit cautious you can never get very close to them unless you meet a brave one who will then then just stare at you with curious amusement. I almost forgot how cute they are and would recommend bringing a camera with a good zoom or lens so you can take some nice pictures. We have also seen lots of emus and birds, and would recommend doing one of their multi-day (and catered) walking excursions. The nice thing about being in the bush here in Australia is that you don’t have to worry about being lower on the food chain than a lurking predator such as in Africa.

Speaking of which, if eating the wildlife is your thing than I recommend heading to the Prairie Hotel where emu pate, kangaroo, ostrich burgers and other local wildlife are served up on the menu. Two of these animals are on the Australia emblem. Can you guess which ones?

From here I head to Kangaroo Island after checking out a few properties along the way. I expect there will be more in terms of internet service, but that remains to be seen.

Ps- I’ll post a few pics in the next update.

Happy days,