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One of the questions I hear most often (as a matter of fact I heard it today), is, “What clothes should I pack for my trip?”

Traveling in Australia and New Zealand can take a little prior planning, mainly because you are traveling to the southern hemisphere and the seasons are opposite to us here on the top half of the planet.

If you are traveling to different parts of Australia in the same month, you may need to pack for different types of climate from one part to the next. In New Zealand you may need to pack for different types of weather in the same day. The weather forcast may determine if your wearing a short sleeve and shorts, or jeans and a fleece. There is no straightforward answer, at least not like we have here in Florida.

The best advice I can give is to layer. If you are traveling in tropical Queensland, Australia in the summer, chances are you won’t need a sweater. However,  the summer time in Queenstown, New Zealand may have you digging around your pack for a wind breaker if a few clouds roll in and you are doing some hiking.

It’s best to be prepared for any likely possibility.  It may make your backpack a little bulkier, but you will be comfortable no matter what the day brings and allow you to enjoy your time overseas exploring different corners of the world.

When you book an adventure with DownUnder Adventure Company we send you a detailed list of exactly what to bring in case you are still trying to decide how much or how little you can get away with.

Happy days…