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Blanket Bay

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I’ve noticed over the past few weeks we have been receiving a higher amount of honeymoon packages. Young couples in love looking to take it the next level and putting a ribbon on it in the form of beautiful honeymoon.

For a lot of travelers, New Zealand makes perfect sense as a travel destination due to its good rates of exchange, relative ease of getting around, and, most importantly, the access to stunning and inspiring landscapes all around. When presented with a few options I am noticing that a particular property on the South Island keeps resurfacing… Blanket Bay.

The setting is perfect for a romantic holiday as you are enveloped in the snow-capped mountain ranges, with a sweeping views of the lake, in a lodge that is simple and elegant giving this sense of immediate comfort.  It is a close enough to Queenstown so if you wanted to do the whole adventure scene for an afternoon or day you could get a canyon swing or jet boat ride in, but you are also far away enough to enjoy a completely peaceful setting.

I don’t I’m the only who is noticing this trend because Blanket Bay recently unrolled an Alpine Honeymoon pacakge that includes five nights with breakfast, pre-dinner drinks and gourmet dinners. When I was there a few months ago I fell in love with the lodge and placed it in the top 3 of my favorite luxury lodges that I saw.

If you have the budget you can do a romantic scenic helicopter flight to a local mountain top (all to yourself) with a gourmet picnic hamper and champagne.  You don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself…

Blanket Bay Romance

The Ultimate Alpine Honeymoon Package – Blanket Bay

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