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Experience the Great Barrier Reef with Quicksilver, Australia’s most awarded reef cruise company. Cruising at high speed from Port Douglas to Agincourt Reef, Quicksilver’s technologically advanced Wavepiercing catamarans offer the smoothest possible ride in all weather conditions. Floating like an island in a Coral Sea, the spacious and modern, dual level platform provides the ultimate in facilities for reef viewing and relaxation in all weather and wind conditions. Agincourt Reef provides sheltered anchorage for the Quicksilver vessel and the perfect spot for passengers to snorkel, dive and view the spectacular coral formations and exotic marine life from the semi-submersible vessels.

Agincourt Reef is located at the very outer edge of the Barrier Reef. Here, special reefs known as ‘ribbons’ run parallel to the Continental Shelf. Adjacent to the Coral Sea trench, these ribbon reefs are recognized as the most pristine eco-systems in the reef’s environment. Clear water provides the best possible underwater visibility, encourages rich coral growth and supports spectacular marine life.

The Quicksilver pontoon is designed to provide the best experience for both swimmers and non-swimmers to enjoy a day of discovery on the reef. Guests who choose to stay dry can still explore the stunning reef from the comfort of the Quicksilver semi-sub, just one meter underwater, watch the fish feeding from the unique underwater viewing platform and underwater observatory or fly in a helicopter over the reef.

Snorkel on the Barrier Reef

Buffet lunch is included in the fare. There are full bar facilities available where guests can purchase drinks. For guests confined to a wheelchair, Quicksilver’s specially designed water powered lift allows for easy access into the snorkel pool where they can swim directly off the lift’s chair into the weightless environment of the reef to snorkel and explore at their own pace.

For a special souvenir, visitors can even send a postcard postmarked with the world’s only Great Barrier Reef stamp, from the only official Australia Post box on the Great Barrier Reef!

Semi submersible

Quicksilver are committed to sustainable environmental practices and ongoing conservation for future generations to enjoy. Their Reef Biosearch environmental division is led by the largest team of marine biologists outside of a government agency! In fact, Reef Biosearch has the longest logbook database of marine observations on the Great Barrier Reef, ongoing for some 30 years. All tours are accredited with Advanced Ecotourism Certification and each day, the team of marine biologists are also on hand to ensure guests gain an appreciation of this World Heritage environment